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Thierry V. Sommer & Associates are wealth managers that seek out clients for whom we can serve as their trusted advisor, attending to the details of their financial life as it moves forward. We help individuals transition into retirement, improve their current retirement plan, roll over any qualified retirement plans or pensions, and or help create proper distribution plans. We have established a firm that gives diverse and comprehensive services to cater and meet the needs of a broad range of clients. 


We seek to learn about our clients history, and help them clarify their goals, values and dreams. We will develop a personal insight into their lives as well as the role money plays for them. Through professional financial planning and investment management expertise, we will serve as a coach to assist in reaching their personal goals and recognizing financial peace of mind.


We want to participate in a meaningful way in the lives of others through developing deep relationships with our clients to help them live more fulfilled lives. We provide wealth management advice rooted in being comprehensive and holistic. We promise to always adhere to a fiduciary standard when working with our clients, so that their interests are placed first. We give back to our local and national communities through philanthropic endeavors utilizing our resources and talents.


We don’t believe market timing and beating the market works over the long haul. We build a portfolio tailored to your needs, goals and dreams. We will take you through different investment scenarios with different risk-tolerances to help you make the best decisions that are right for you. 

We are dedicated to making your secure financial future our number one investment.